Website Translation: Maintaining Brand Integrity, and Gaining a New Audience

When we think of online content, we often think of English language websites first.

However, with economic globalization, there has been a dramatic increase in web content in other languages such as Spanish and Chinese, which are growing roughly five times faster than content produced in English.

Tap into this international growth by having your website translated in the language of these fast growing markets.

The TELL network of expert-level linguists can translate your website, and help ease your international expansion. We ensure that, as you plan product customization and market research, you are delivering the right message to your target.

For many consumers, your website will be their first impression of your product or brand image. Clients trust TELL’s professional linguists’ level of detail and understanding of their brand voice. Many clients come to us after attempting automated or machine translation services, which handles the volume, but frequently omit the nuance that is critical to your brand.

Getting Started:

For most projects, we recommend starting with a condensed version of key pages. Our team will analyze your current content and select high-traffic pages where high-quality translation is essential. We will then suggest highest priority content to focus on and possibly re-write or re-work existing text if needed. Our web layout professionals can help re-format your translated site if the translation requires it.

TELL’s experienced linguists will translate your site correctly, reflecting any nuances in the original language, and with cultural sensitivity toward your target audience. We ensure that the translators we assign to your project have experience in your field of business and familiarity with the specialized vocabulary used in that field. This small but significant detail allows the new website to speak to your new target audience in the consistent brand voice as the original.

The format of your website files

We request that our clients provide TELL with their source files or content management system export so that our translations can be implemented with a few simple steps.

The Tell team will expertly localize the content of each website and ensure that the translated text fits into the space provided to maintain the same formatting.

In addition to writing the translation in the source file, our team can deliver a side-by-side MS Word file containing the original and the translation in a table format for your webmaster to work with.

Website Translation for Internal or External Use: Reasons Why

  1. Internal: To address your international staff, whose primary language is not English
  2. External: To strengthen your brand’s international presence

Larger multinational companies frequently have all internal documentation translated to ensure employees across the globe have the tools they need to successfully perform their jobs. In multilingual countries such as Switzerland or Canada, translation of certain documents into the national languages may be a legal requirement. Beside web content, these documents may include income statements, balance sheets, or business plans.

The TELL Difference

Translating your website involves more than allowing readers of other languages to comprehend your content – it is about engaging those readers, and maintaining your corporate identity and culture with an international staff. You are striking a balance between communicating your company’s identity and mission and empathizing with the culture of your foreign speaking audience.

Our professional linguists provide that balance in their translation work, no matter how wide-reaching your needs are beyond website translation.

A Final Thought: Quality Control

Before your translated website goes live, the TELL team performs a final, comprehensive online review to ensure that

  • All translated text is correct, especially within the framework of the final layout
  • All fonts and images display properly
  • Navigation is efficient and leads to the expected places
  • The site displays as desired in a variety of browsers and platforms, and on both PC and Mac

Ready to take your website global? Contact us today to find out how Tell can help with your website translation and captivate a new audience.