Transcription: The Art of Writing It Down with Precision

I live in the moment, but I recognize when a speech or podcast is so rich in content and inspiration that I know to capture it for later reference. Take note: transcription is more readily available and more cost-effective than you might think.

Tell offers transcription services in over 20 key languages performed by our team of experts. With both language mastery and audio capabilities, we ensure that we make proper distinctions among multiple speaking voices, challenging accents, and regional colloquialisms.

Depending on the original audio and your goals, we offer:

  • Verbatim transcription: We write down every word of the audio or video. As with our translation work, we perform this with expert-level precision.
  • Summarized transcription: In some instances, you may not wish to have the whole audio transcribed verbatim, so we also offer a transcription where we summarize the main ideas of the audio or video.

We guarantee a 98% accuracy rate when provided with good quality audio files. Our pricing is calculated per minute of running audio, and we provide quick and exact quotes for client approval before beginning the project.

Our transcription services include:

  • Meetings: Tell offers transcription of recorded meetings including (but not limited to) interviews, brainstorming sessions, conferences, and counseling sessions.
  • Dictation: send us your audio and we will transcribe it for you.
  • Media productions: From podcasts and radio talk shows to video presentations, we provide quick turnaround times for highly accurate transcription.

Additional areas of expertise:

Tell provides transcription for medical and legal documents, academic works, sermons, investigative reports, insurance examinations and 911 calls, and much more. Contact us with your project detail.

Providing your Audio Files for Transcription

We work with a range of formats in video and audio transcription. The most common formats include MP3, MP4, WAV, AIF, MOV, WMV and QuickTime.

We ensure our client’s security and confidentiality when handling your content with secure file transfer options.

Tell offers high-quality and competitive transcription services using cutting-edge technology and a transparent, affordable billing structure. As the transcription and translation industries grow to meet the demands of an expanding and interconnected global economy, we are here to capture your message in writing and to deliver it in the language of your target audience.

If you need your transcribed content translated into another language (we offer over 100 of them!), please refer to our document translation services or simply contact us.