Project Management: Orchestrating Success and Harmony throughout the Project Lifecycle

We view translation and localization projects much like a symphony, requiring the coordination of many instruments: for us, a global team of experts– Translators, Reviewers, Voice-over Talents, Production Studios, Designers/Layout Experts, and Subtitling Professionals. But every great symphony needs a Conductor. We are proud that our highly skilled TELL Project Managers bring over a decade of experience –not only with translation and localization jobs, but also with project management and account management.

Why do we place so much importance on our Project Managers? These team members are the main point of contact for:

  • Selecting professional resources best-suited to your needs
  • Reviewing timelines and due dates with you
  • Tracking your project’s progress and keeping you updated on the status
  • Answering any questions, from you and/or our linguists
  • Anticipating any issues that may occur and proactively clarifying them
  • Ensuring on time or ahead of time delivery
  • Following-up on client satisfaction and invoicing

TELL’s Project Management team streamlines your project, guarantees optimal results with high quality deliverables, on time and within budget. And that is music to our clients’ ears.

An exceptional Project Manager is one of the most valuable assets for a winning translation project. She/he will regularly be in touch throughout your project’s lifecycle and be your single point of contact.

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