Simply Happy Holidays

Another year is coming to an end, and we are getting ready to celebrate and to give.

Did you make your lists? Your list of people to send a card to, to gift, and your own wish list? What do they look like and how have they evolved over the years?

After having children and having had to move a few times, I started to think that something needs to leave my house whenever something new enters it. My own wish list was getting shorter and shorter in the process. And as most adults around me have more than they need, I felt that their gifts could be limited to something that is consumed, including experiences, unless it was an item that I knew the recipient would truly appreciate.

Earlier this year, I felt the need to simplify my life beyond the point that I was at. I discovered minimalists’ blogs such as ‘becoming minimalist’. Like the idea behind them, they are uncomplicated, and easy to follow and implement. In November I started reading about applying the same approach to the Holidays. I was fascinated!

Are you longing for a simpler Holiday Season? Do you wish for more time with your loved ones and less in stores, for less leftovers and trash, while thoughtfully cherishing what you carefully selected for the Season?

There are a lot of suggestions by competent bloggers out there, especially on the topic of gifts: from not buying anything new, to making your own, to giving experiences, time and skills. For those of you who do want to reduce during this Season, I picked one out here.

In whichever way you celebrate it, may you cherish the Season and have a great start to 2017!

Buone feste  ̶  frohe Feiertage  ̶  joyeuses fêtes! (For any other language please contact us here).