Preparing for 2114 – The Future Library

Katie Paterson is the Scottish artist behind a fascinating project that came to life in 2014: The Future Library.

The gist of it: From 2014 until 2114, one writer a year contributes a manuscript to be included in a book that will be printed in 2114. The manuscripts are stored in the New Deichman Library in Oslo, sealed. The only requirement for the writing is for it to be at least one word long. Any genre is accepted. The book will be made from 100 trees planted outside of Oslo and will contain the 100 manuscripts.

A book as a time capsule, sustainably made for a few generations ahead of us. The room in which the writings will be stored will be built from wood harvested from the same Oslo forest. The completed, sealed manuscripts and their titles can be seen by the public, but their content cannot be read.

The first manuscript was written by Margaret Atwood in 2014, the second one will be completed this year by British author David Mitchell.

Not for us readers, but would you not love to come back for a day in 2114 and take a look at what happened to Norway, the New Deichman Library and all the manuscripts? And no worries, Tell Jr. Jr. will be there to provide translations as needed.

For more information about this project, please visit its beautiful site: