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Uta Nelson, Founder

Born in Münster, Germany, Uta grew up just south of the Swiss Alps in Locarno on Lago Maggiore speaking both German and Italian daily with her family and friends, while learning French and English at school. Her mother, a language teacher, translated books and articles from Italian to German and was also a German and French interpreter. So it’s no wonder that Uta’s fascination with language quickly grew into fluency. An equal affinity for the language of numbers led Uta to the University of St. Gallen’s business school to pursue a dual degree in Finance and Accounting, and then a Masters in Economics. However, her love of communication and a fortuitous move to the United States paved the way for her career path specializing in translation and voice-over projects.

Uta brings over 10 years of experience and a network of expert-level translators, voice talent, subtitling professionals and layout specialists. And THAT translates to happy clients.

“Parla poco, ascolta assai e giammai non fallirai” – “Speak little, listen a lot and you will never fail”

Our Guiding Principles

  • Integrity: We work with honesty and integrity from start to finish.
  • Excellence: We strive to provide the best language service available to meet and exceed your needs.
  • Reliability: We deliver what we promise. Quality and timeliness are our priorities.
  • Regular and effective communication: We commit to an ongoing feedback loop, communicating with our customers throughout the project.
  • Efficiency: We manage time and costs.

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